Saturday, 30 October 2010

We've Moved

Thanks for visiting Rainbow Cottage's blog!

We have moved to a new address so that I could have all my blogs under one email address and not have to log in and out every time I wanted to write a new post.

So I hope you will now pop over to our new blog page and keep up to date with all the busyness of Rainbow Cottage!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Rainbows Inspiration

Hi all,

well it's time for me to do a feature blog! These are all Rainbow themed items available for sale on Folksy!

This handmade quilt is by Sewflair! it is very beautiful and is of story that has always inspired me! A rainbow is a promise! and whenever I see a Rainbow it is always encouraging!

'Hoopla' No 3 Print by Dig the earth I love the colours in this!

'Rainbow's End' Handmade fused glass pendant by Glass Primitif.
This is so beautiful! definitely on my wish list!

'Rainbow Squiggle' set by Ruby's etc.
Handmade polymer clay beads make this vibrant set!
I love it!

This so lovely and vibrant and I love that it's made with buttons! Very imaginative.
Rainbow Button Bracelet handmade by Lazy Daisy

Beautiful Crocheted, Beaded wire Pendant! I really love this it has such lovely sparkle!
'Ring of Rainbow' handmade by Hot off the Hook

Love Plaque Suncatcher by Joys of Glass
Who wouldn't want this display of colour catching the sunlight through the window!

Well I really think I can only have one more Rainbow which is so
hard cos there are so many beautiful Rainbow bits on Folksy!
Type in Rainbow in the search box yourself to find your favourite!

So here is my last choice a beautiful little compact mirror with original artwork by Superfumi

Well that's it for today! I hope you have enjoyed my choice of rainbow goodies from Folksy! Come back soon to see what else we are getting up to!

Love Teri xxx

Monday, 22 February 2010


I was thrilled to receive this Sunshine Award from The Scarlet Butterfly Company! It has really given me encouragement and inspiration from someone who always inspires me! Thank you Maria!

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world.

The rules for accepting the Sunshine Award

~ Put the logo on your blog or within your post

~ Pass the award onto 12 bloggers

~ Link the nominees within your post

~ Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog

~ Share the lovely and link to the person from whom you received this award

Getting this award means passing it on and so it has also taken me on a journey to find other bloggers whose Blogs are exciting, interesting and of course inspiring as I didn't have many blogs I already followed! So it is a great pleasure to pass this on to some of the new bloggers I have discovered on my journey!

Lori Anderson.
Inspiration Avenue
Hook and Scumble
Life, Craftiness and Everything Else
Beady Pool
Joy Funnell
Deesigned Beads
Bumpy Beads
Fired Silver
Dilly Whispers

Thank you all for such engaging blogs and the inspiration they give! I hope you will go and look at these blogs and that they will give you inspiration and cheer!

Thanks again to Scarlet Butterfly Company for this lovely award xxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What's New at Rainbow Cottage!

Wow I have lots to share today! There is lots going on at Rainbow Cottage! There is a distinct flurry of ideas and activity in the air!

This weekend I finally got my new laptop and oh! has it made a huge difference! Everything is working as it should and at speeds I haven't had in years! It has buoyed up my spirits and has given me new energy!
The result of this is that I have been looking at things I have around that are just being useless and taking up space and giving off a negative vibe every time I see or even think of them! So what can I do with them?

Well firstly I have a lovely range of Original Poetry Postcards. The poems were written by my dad, Phil Coleman and I have found an almost as lovely picture to complement them! As I write I have 2 listed on Folksy with more to come! I used have them on Ebay where they weren't appreciated but I hope with Folksy's support of originality and handmade items they will get a more appreciative welcome!

Secondly I have some postcards that I designed using stock pictures from my postcard printer/supplier. They are very pretty but are just taking up space! "Let's get rid of them quickly!" thought I and was happy with that decision but in the spirit of handmade and beauty I thought I might be able to do better than that and a new idea was born! Look out for our notelet sets coming soon in handmade wallets! The description doesn't do it justice but I want to keep you guessing until the finished items are ready! A little suspense to whet your handmade appetites!

Alongside these 2 new projects older projects are still ongoing. The arrival of a light tent for photographing jewellery means that I just have to tidy the dining room table and then I can try it out! I have high hopes for it (based on the recommendation of a friend in the business) so once those photo's are taken and uploaded on to my bright shiny new laptop I can get listing the boxful of items I've been dying to show you!

And yet there's more to share! My uncle is very supportive of his niece's enterprise that he has, without any prompting, found a shop in Northampton who is interested in stocking some of my jewellery and so I am beginning to prepare some items to send her. As soon as I have been accepted I will let you know where they are!

As you can imagine all this is very exciting and extremely uplifting! I am happier than I've been in months! suddenly I feel like the business is beginning to take root and maybe even fly!

Alongside all of this I am planning my own home and will be making as much as can for it. I don't have lots of money to spend so this is a project of frugality and creativity. If you are interested in following my progress then follow my blog - 'Teri's Handmade Home' at

So do please check out our Folksy shop for our latest ranges including our new Poetry Postcards at

Bye for now and thanks for reading


Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Products on Folksy!


Just to let you all know that I have just finished some lovely scarves perfect for this snowy weather and I have already got them listed on my Folksy shop

It was lovely to be able to quickly photograph them and have the photo's come out so well and then to be able to list them. Quite a contrast to the difficulties I have with photographing jewellery. However I have been chatting to my friend Maria today and she has given me some great tips that I hope to be able to put into practice soon so watch this space!

I do hope you will pop over to my shop and have a look! it is nice to be able to just see the numbers of visitors come by but of course the best thing is getting a sale. To know that someone likes my work enough to spend the money on it and someone else is going to get lots of wear out of it! We crafters feel very fondly of the items we make. They are a labour of love and some of our heart goes into each item and so it is very lovely when someone likes one of our items enough to buy and wear it!

Well thanks for reading and as ever, happy crafting!

Love Teri