Friday, 24 July 2009

Why Rainbow?

hello all

I thought you would like to know how we chose our name. What is special about Rainbows? I have had a business before and it's logo was a rainbow and I wanted to carry it into this business venture too.

When I was 4 years old I lost my sight to cataracts. I couldn't see anything at all! My father had had it as a child and now I had got it. It is hereditary. Anyway I had 4 operations on my eyes over the following year and then more treatment and gradually I regained most of my sight.

When I was 6 we were at a camp holiday with friends and after a torrential down pour suddenly everyone was looking at a full arc rainbow over the entire campground and suddenly I could see it! I hadn't seen one since I had lost my sight! It was a precious moment with everyone rejoicing! Since then Rainbows have always given me encouragement and hope. I always thrill at the sight of a Rainbow and the beauty of it!

There is a poem that I have treasured since I was young that really does sum up Rainbows for me. I don't know who it is by but here it is...

Rainbows appear after mighty storms
When things look their very worst
Just when the sky is darkest grey
Look for the Rainbow first

A Rainbow is a sign of God's promise
That he will guide us through any storm
That he will take care for all our troubles
No matter what their form

When you feel battered by lifes storms
And you are filled with doubt and dismay
Just remember a Rainbow is coming
It is only a prayer away.

As for the cottage this business is a cottage industry so I put the two together to create Rainbow Cottage. Also my long term plan for my website is that it will incorporate all parts of family life as well as the business and the cottage encompasses that too.

Well that's all for today. Until next time, Happy crafting xxxx


  1. That is such an amazing story Teri, God is great indeed and I hope a the sun shines over life & business as I know that you have had enough rain! xx

  2. Thank you Maria, That is a lovely thing to say. I am touched! I wish you the same xxx

    I hope other people read this blog and it speaks to them!