Thursday, 29 October 2009

More Business Branding

Although I'm not getting much done in the making and selling of my jewellery, it is still in the forefront of my mind.

I have a plan for a new item of jewellery and am just waiting for beads to arrive from overseas.

While I am waiting I have been looking for business cards. I had some made but seem to have filed them right out of sight! I've looked everywhere and still can't find them so I went to the site I have previously got them from - - and designed them from scratch using the original artwork my friend did for me and the website. I found a lovely design that I think has suited the style really well and here it is. I've also got some free address labels to match - bargain!


  1. haha! thats like me ... boxes of things somewhere ... somewhere out there!
    Love the new design ... looks like custard clouds and as I love custard that's a good thing x
    You know what will happen ... as soon as they arrive, you will find the other ones ;)
    Love Maria x

  2. hi, me again ...

    Hi, I've awarded you with a blog award!
    Find out more here :)