Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Troubles at Rainbow Cottage

I know I don't have many readers of my blog but I will continue writing as though I do in the hopes that numbers will increase eventually.

You may be wondering why you haven't heard from me for a while. This, I am afraid, is because I have ME/CFS and everything I do is based on how tired I am feeling each day. As much as I really want to get on with my business and sell lots of jewellery so I can buy some beads to make more I am struggling to find the energy to do the necessary photographs and descriptions for my listings on Folksy.

It is hard to have plans that are held up by the lack of physical and mental energy I have, not just for one day here or there, but for lots of days together. It is taking me several days (going on weeks) just to hand sew an edging on the hem and sleeves of a top that needs a new lease of life. I have several items of clothing that for one reason or another need some work. Some just need a little personalisation. Over the next few weeks when I have a bit of energy and want to do something I will be working on these items and maybe on a few more pieces of jewellery.

I am not too depressed. I am learning that I have to manage my energy carefully so that I may be able to get stronger and do more. I am losing weight and that is making me very happy. As much as I want to dive in and have a full time business I know this is not possible and I must treat it as a long term plan that may mean doing a little at a time and gradually increasing it over many months. I really want be careful with this business as my last one I rushed into headlong and it couldn't survive. This time I want to let it pay for itself and take it slowly.

So I am going to write this blog as often as I am able that I may let you know what I'm working on and how I am doing. Until then I wish fun and creativity in what ever projects you are working on.


  1. thats the best way to go :)
    So glad that you are not depressed though xxx take care xxx

  2. slowly I mean! hehe!

  3. thanks, Maria, I wonder if anyne else will read this though xxx