Saturday, 15 August 2009

Taking good photographs of jewellery

I'm sure my fellow jewellers will back me up when I tell you that taking good photo's of jewellery is really rather hard!

You need a good space where you display the jewellery well. Then a place that has good natural light to show the colours of the jewellery as accurately as possible. Then obviously the next thing is a good digital camera in this day of internet shops and websites.

The only thing in that little list that I have is the camera! Admittedly it's not a great camera but it has the ability to take good photo's and with a macro function for close ups!

So now, how in our tiny terraced house do I find the right space for taking photo's. I have tried using a windowsill in bright sunlight, in front of the tv (with white velvet cvering the screen) and spot lights, which made everything look a bit yellow! Maybe I should try up in the loft conversion with the velux window overhead or out in the garden! Oh for a perfectly placed, marvellously kitted out studio in which to work and take fabulous photo's.

I will let you know when I find the perfect spot in this house. In the mean time I have got some half decent photo's that have enabled me to list a few more items on folksy so please go and check out my latest bracelet - Summer Daze at

thank you.

Until next time Happy Crafting ;-)


  1. I often use a daylight bulb (they are blue and you can get them from Tescos or somewhere like B&Q) I have it in a table lamp and then take a picture of my items below it.

  2. another thing to try is a photo tent ... I have just bought one from eBay. It was £13 (including p&p) I will let you know if it is any good xx